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Uncapped WiFi Deals In South Africa Updated in August 2022.

This article includes well-researched recommendations for the best Uncapped Wifi plans for the year 2022.

You’ve arrived to the right place if you’re seeking for the best unlimited wifi package in South Africa in 2022.

South Africa’s Uncapped Wi-Fi offers – many South Africans require Wi-Fi packages because of their desire to stay connected.

Thanks to fast technological innovation, people may now communicate on a global scale.

People use Skype for business meetings, students use it for online courses and lectures, and loved ones use it to interact with one other.

List of Best Uncapped Wifi Deals In South Africa

Axxess: Uncapped WiFi Deals

500MB at R29
1GB at R57
2GB at R98
3GB at R147
4GB at R196
5GB at R246
6GB at R296
8GB at R396
10GB at R496
12GB at R596
16GB at R796
20GB at R979
24GB at R1200

ITNT: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals

500MB at R39
IGB at R69
2GB at R119
4GB at R249
6GB at R369
8GB at R479
10GB at R599

Virgin Mobile: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals

250MB at R49
512MB at R69
1.5GB at R149
3GB at R249
5GB at R399
7GB at R499

Vox Telecom: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals

100GB at R79
200 GB at R159
300GB at 259

OpenWeb Mobile LTE-A: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals

24GB at R199
40GB at R239
90GB at R349
130GB at R449
260GB at R799
460 GB at R1099
900GB at R1489
Uncapped at R1499

Mweb: Uncapped WiFi Deals

600GB at R629
800GB at R829
500GB at R529
400GB at R429
300GB at R329
200GB at R219
150GB at R165

Afrihost: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals

500MB at R29
1GB at R58
2GB at R99
3GB at R145
4GB at R197
5GB at R247
6GB at R297
8GB at R397
10GB at R497
15GB at R747
20GB at R987

Neotel: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals

2GB at R49
4GB at R89
7GB at R149
24GB at R499
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