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List of Best Camping Sites in Johannesburg South Africa

We have compiled a list of best camping sites in Johannesburg, South Africa and fun things to do while camping.

Camping Site Telephone Location
Caravan Park Bezuidenhout Park 011 712 6600 172 3rd Ave, De Wetshof, Johannesburg
Camp Delta 083 278 3807 Blairgowrie, Randburg
Manzini Fishing & Campsite 082 259 2028
Caravan and Camping @ Country Park, Johannesburg, Muldersdrift 083 256 7000 368 Incolae rd Rietfontein 189IQ, Muldersdrift
Rainforest Boutique Camp Site 081 538 6292 30 Angelica Ave, Breaunanda, Krugersdorp
HeronBridge Retreat 072 738 3056 36, R114, Nietgedacht, Nietgedacht 535-Jq, Johannesburg
Bush Willow Tented Camp 011 668 1600 Komdraai Road, Muldersdrift
Wag ‘n Bietjie Camp Site 074 806 8509 Moonlight Rd, Olifantsfontein
Sleepy River Caravan Park 082 555 9684
The Crooked Tree 074 743 7788 Plot 64 Rustenburg Rd
The Rock Campsite 011 880 8456 VK21, Koesterfontein, Magaliesburg
Camp Zenith 082 063 4906 R42, Heidelberg
Nkwe Camping Grounds 083 309 6516 Unnamed Road, Tierpoort
Klipdraai Caravan Park 076 017 4354 Kookfontein Farm, View Lane, Meyerton

Our list of top 20 fun things to do while in a camping site in Johannesburg will keep you occupied while you enjoy the outdoors, whether you’re on the water, in the woods, with kids, or with pets.

Go fishing

Fishing may be a terrific way to unwind and shed the worries of life, whether it’s recreational or you’re attempting to catch meals.

Take your fishing rod, line, sunglasses, waders, a beer, and some friends out on the water for a few hours of relaxation.

Go swimming

Put on your swimwear and head to your favorite lake or ocean’s coast.

Swing off the dock or pier, float in the water with a noodle, or compete in all-out races to the buoy.

Go snorkeling

This camping activity is best done near bodies of water that aren’t too murky, so it’s ideal for camping near the beach!

Watersports such as canoeing, tubing, kayaking, bodyboarding, surfing, and other local activities.

Without adding the local watersports, no beach camping activities list would be complete.

The most popular activities are canoeing, tubing, and kayaking, but your campsite may also have bodyboarding, surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, or standup paddleboarding.

To carry your kayak safely, make sure you utilize a kayak roof rack.

Skip rocks

It’s never too late to learn to skip rocks!

It may even turn into a friendly competition to see who can acquire the most skips or go the farthest distance.

When I was younger, I recall earning 11 skips.

Cloud watching

Trying to pick shapes out of the clouds is one of my favorite lazy day pursuits.

My fiance is a Disney fanatic who is always encountering Goofy, Mickey Mouse, and other Disney characters.

I generally run across folks I’m familiar with, your outcomes may differ.

Draw, write, paint, photograph, or listen to music.

As you connect with your creative side, let Mother Nature be your muse.

If you enjoy photography, you may consider selling your images online to supplement your income.

Relax with yoga or your preferred meditation method.

These practices are usually a strain for me since I am really high-strung, but I don’t think anyone can deny the advantages of yoga or meditation.

Hike around the area and see what you can find.

Getting out and exploring is probably my favorite thing to do when camping!

Nature paths, panoramic views, and waterfalls are among my favorite things to do.

I could go on for hours simply looking around.

However, this activity may also be used to explore the city or town where you are staying.

Check out the stores, restaurants, and craft brewers in the area.

Rent a bike.

On a bike, you’ll cover more ground than you would on foot.

And, for me, biking allows me to fully immerse myself in the environment.

It may also be more convenient than driving away from the campsite.

Go birdwatching

When I was in college, I went to the Galapagos Islands and had one of my first eye-opening environmental experiences.

The Galapagos Islands are home to an extraordinary amount of species variety and are famous for being where Charles Darwin got his inspiration for On the Origin of Species.

Darwin’s finches have always piqued my curiosity, and I now consider birding to be one of my favorite pastimes.

Prepare delicious meals.

Burgers and hot dogs aren’t the only options for camping cuisine.

It’s time to go gourmet!

With an open fire and a skillet, you can cook a variety of dishes.

Gather firewood

You can never have too much firewood, according to the first law of firewood.

Consider the amount of firewood you believe you will require.

Do you understand now? Increase the number by ten.

Camping’s hallmark symbol is the campfire, and you want it to be spectacular.

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of firewood at 8:30 p.m. when it’s too dark to forage and everyone is still awake.

Prepare your campground.

This may not be the most enjoyable camping activity, but it is an activity that will occupy some time.

Setup your tents, set up your cooking equipment, organize your coolers, and string your lights so that when night falls, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the night.

Build a survival shelter.

Three of my college mates and I went camping one night.

We had been watching a lot of Surivorman and had decided to make our own survival shelters.

We divided up into two-person teams and marched off into the woods to see who could build the finest survival shelter in one hour.

We had no intention of utilizing it that night, but it was a lot of fun.

Screw it, have the Camping Olympics include Competitive Survival Shelter Building as well!

As you prepare to visit one the camping sites in Johannesburg, South Africa, we hope this will help you make your campaing fun!

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