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How to send Telkom Please call me using USSD Code, request your own mobile number, check Telkom balance and check your IMEI number. The table below will immensely be helpful for you to perform any required services that you need.

Send Telkom Please Call Me Using USSD Code

Telkom Menu Telkom USSD Codes
Access Menu *180#
Loading airtime/ Airtime top-up *188*Voucher card number#
Request your own mobile number *1#
Please Call Me *140*mobile number#
Buying data on Telkom *180#
Check Balance *188#
Sending airtime to another user *180# and select the transfer
Telkom customer care 180
Checking Your IMSI Number *2#
Mo’Nice promotional bundles *123#
Check what your IMEI number *#06#

Telkom Recharge Using USSD Code.

It’s simple and straightforward to top up your Telkom airtime.

One of the most often utilized USSD codes on the network is for loading airtime.

*188*voucher pin# and then send is the code.

The exact airtime amount of the voucher you purchased will then be added to your account.

Each telecommunications network provides USSD codes to allow consumers to communicate directly with the network and do simple operations like as purchasing airtime top-ups, purchasing data, selecting tariff plans, and so on, without having to speak with customer service representatives or wait in line.

The Please Call Me code, which is the subject of this article, is an essential USSD code.

Other USSD codes that are comparable include those for Airtime Top-ups, Purchasing Data, and Sending Data to Family and Friends.

Despite the advancement of technology, which allows smartphones to accomplish practically everything, USSD codes remain a popular choice.

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