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Top 40 Schools in Germiston, Primrose, Leonsdale and Bedfordview, Primary School, Secondary School and Intermediate School.

Schools in Germiston, Primrose, Leonsdale and Bedfordview

School Name Suburb Phase
Wychwood Primary School Wychwood Primary School
Tamaho Primary School Katlehong Primary School
Sunnyridge Primary School Symhurst Primary School
St Catherine’s Dominican Convent Parkhill Gardens Combined School
Sizwe Secondary School Elandsfontien Secondary School
Sa International College Of Education Elandsfontein 90-ir Secondary School
Royal Queens College Germiston Primary School
Pro Liberis[laerskool Helpmekaar]:ex Ed U College Bedfordview Combined School
Primrose Primary School Primrose Primary School
Primrose Hill Primary School Primrosehill Primary School
Primrose High Primrose Secondary School
Phumula Gardens Secondary School Phumula Secondary School
New Creation Learning Academy Palm Ridge Primary School
Midstream College Midstream Estates Combined School
Marlands Primary School Germiston Primary School
Laerskool Oosterkruin Gerdview Primary School
Laerskool Leondale Parallel Medium Leonsdale Primary School
Laerskool Germiston Primary Germiston South (industries E A) Primary School
Laerskool Elspark Elspark Primary School
Laerskool Elsburg Elsburg Primary School
Laerskool Elandia Dinwiddie Primary School
Laerskool Die President Fishers Hill Primary School
Laerskool Delville Lambton Primary School
Klopperpark Primaryn School Klopper Park Primary School
Institute Status Acres Secondary School Georgetown Combined School
Individual Teaching College Berton Park Primary School
Hoërskool Vryburger High School Dawnview Secondary School
Hoërskool Goudrif Marlands Secondary School
Hoërskool Elsburg Elsburg Secondary School
Hoër Tegniese Skool Elspark Elspark Secondary School
Graceland Education Centre Elspark Combined School
Germiston South Primary School Germistonsouth Primary School
Germiston Primer Dikatole Primary School
Germiston High School Elandsfontein 108-ir Secondary School
Galway Primary School Delvile Primary School
Esselen Park Sport School Of Excellence Elandsfontein Secondary School
Dinwiddie Primary School Dinwiddie Primary School
Dinwiddie High School Andbalock Street Secondary School
Dawnview High School Primrose Secondary School
Colin Mann Primary School Lambton Primary School
Assumption Convent Malvern East Combined School
Alston Primary School Leonsdale Primary School
Afrikaanse Hoërskool Germiston Lambton Secondary School

Did you know that there are over 60 schools to select from in Pretoria and Centurion, including public, private, and collegiate institutions?

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