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The Best Credit Card in South Africa: What Credit Card Should I Get?

This seemingly easy inquiry might take you down the proverbial rabbit hole, and if you’re searching for the finest card possibilities, the quantity of options may cause analysis-paralysis rather than a well-considered conclusion.

We wish to assist you in putting an end to your suffering and getting you on the right track.

Continue reading to discover the important questions to ask yourself in order to get started on your journey to financial bliss.

Begin by asking yourself why you want best credit card in South Africa in the first place.

Do you want to save money by transferring a big amount from a card with a high interest rate to one with a 0% APR?

Are you interested in earning travel rewards?

Is it more important to receive the most money back?

There are a variety of cards available to fit your demands, and the first step should always be deciding what you’ll use the card for.

If you don’t have a specific credit card requirement in mind, start by asking yourself, “What do I spend the most money on; groceries, dining out, entertainment, travel, petrol, and so on?”

Know Your Credit History and Score

Once you’ve decided what you want, it’s time to see what you could be eligible for.

Some credit cards are tough to get and need a long credit history as well as a high credit score.

Others are tailored to people who are just starting to establish their credit profile or who are trying to repair a poor credit card score.

The most typical response to the question of whether or not they have good credit is, “Of course.”

This is, however, a widespread misunderstanding.

As a result, please check your credit score to see where you stand.

With a clear knowledge of your credit score, you can choose the credit card that’s suitable for you and that you’ll be approved for.

How To Choose a Credit Card For Building?

Congratulations if you’ve been using credit cards for a long time and have excellent credit.

There are still numerous best credit card in South Africa that can fit your needs if you’re starting from scratch or have a shaky credit history owing to things like unpaid debt, late payments, or bankruptcies, but don’t anticipate the bells and whistles that come with credit cards geared at those with a better credit history.

Your bank or credit union is an excellent place to start; in fact, for many people, their first card is an ATM card that also functions as a credit card.

Some of them are geared at young individuals, college students, or people who want to start over with their credit.

These cards may come with no annual fee and a low APR because you’re already a customer.

You may start with the essentials and then upgrade to a better card later on, such as one that gives rewards or cash back.

Students may potentially be eligible for low- or no-credit cards.

These unsecured cards are provided to students by issuing institutions who are betting on the student’s future loyalty as well as a continuously rising earning potential.

A secured card, on the other hand, demands an initial deposit from which you can withdraw funds.

If you complete your payments on time every month, your credit score will rise, and your available credit line may rise as well.

If you travel frequently, for example, your statement will show the cost of aircraft tickets, accommodation, and meals.

Some cards also break down categories into beautiful graphs and charts, which can help you decide which incentives are most important to you.

If your balance is already a little too high, it may be time to investigate the balance transfer policies of other cards.

Determine how long their initial 0% APR periods will continue and what your recurring interest APR will be once that time is over.

Most balance transfer cards include a one-time fee based on a percentage of the transfer, which you should factor into the total cost of opening a new account, including the annual fee.

How To Pick a Credit Card?

After a few months of tracking your spending on your beginning card, it may be time to apply for credit cards that provide you with more value, such as incentives or cash back.

Travel and cash back are two popular incentive categories.

Cards with low interest rates or introductory deals that feature 0% APR on purchases and/or balance transfers for a certain period of time may also be of interest to you, depending on your circumstances.


If you travel frequently, check for travel cards provided by airlines or hotels that you frequent.

There are also “general purpose” travel cards that allow you to choose from a larger range of flights and hotels if you aren’t wedded to a single airline or hotel brand.

Examine their compensation systems and how they operate.

If you intend on traveling throughout the world, check sure your card doesn’t charge a fee for foreign purchases and that it has the chip-and-pin security features that are prevalent in other countries.

Best Credit Card in South Africa Final Thoughts

It takes time to ask the proper questions, determine your needs, and understand how credit cards function.

As your position and credit score changes, your requirements and goals may vary.

Make sure to examine your monthly bills carefully to verify whether your incentives are paying off, that you’re getting the miles or cash back you expected, and that your purchasing and travel habits are in line with the payout you desire.

If you’re paying off debt, be sure you’re paying the maximum amount possible and that your APR is as low as possible.

If not, it’s time to re-start your search for the best credit card for you.

With the passage of time, the answer will undoubtedly alter.

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