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How Do Influencers Make Money in South Africa?

Because of the tremendous popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, a new type of celebrity has emerged: the social media influencer.

Every day, more celebrities are converting their online presences into full-time occupations by monetizing their social media followings.

But how can social media influencers earn a living?

How Do Influencers Make Money in 2022
1. Reselling Free Products
2. Appearances and Events
3. Tips, Donations and Subscriptions
4. Podcasts and Creating Content for Blogs
5. Sponsored Social Media Posts
6. Webinars on Social Media Platforms
7. Becoming a Brand Ambassador
8. Selling Digital Products
9. Creating Product Lines
10. Website Advertising
11. Traditional advertising

What Exactly is an Influencer?

In general, an influencer is someone who makes money by influencing other people’s purchasing decisions.

In exchange for money from products they advocate, a social media influencer connects with individuals who follow them on online platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tiktok, influencing their purchase decisions.

For example, an Instagram influencer may publish material on the social media platform in support of a fashion business, earning a fee for any followers who buy from the brand after hearing about it from the influencer.

The sums involved for top beauty and fashion influencers may be in the millions of rands.

11 Ways Social Media Influencers Make Money in South Africa and Globally.

1. Reselling Free Products

The majority of influencers make money by giving away free stuff.

It’s fairly unusual for a company to provide free samples to a social media influencer in exchange for a shoutout or endorsement.

Not only may these free things, which are frequently clothing, beauty, and personal stuff, be considered some form of revenue, but the influencer can also resale the free items on websites like Poshmark, making a profit.

2. Appearances and Events

Because social media influencers are modern superstars, they have the ability to draw crowds wherever they go.

Hosting a live or online event and charging followers to attend is one way for an influencer to make money.

A company may also pay a social media influencer to attend its own event, knowing that the celebrity’s presence will draw a crowd.

3. Tips, Donations and Subscriptions

Influencers may also make money by having their followers gift it to them.

Many social media influencers take payments and tips through their websites or through services such as Patreon, which allows users to support influencers with monthly contributions in exchange for exclusive content.

Other influencers will simply have a widget on their websites where fans may donate a modest amount of money to buy them a cup of coffee.

4. Podcasts and Creating Content for Blogs

Followers don’t just turn up for regular stories and posts for most social media stars.

It’s not enough for them to share what they had for supper or their thoughts on the most recent film they saw.

They must produce material.

For content creators who spend hours every day generating pieces for their blogs, vlogs, and podcasts, social media influence may be a full-time job.

They won’t be able to advertise things or make money if they don’t have any content.

5. Sponsored Social Media Posts

Influencers make money from every social media post they make, especially if the content is of excellent quality.

As a result, sponsored content is one of the most lucrative sources of income for influencers.

Influencers are paid to promote businesses and services on their social media accounts through sponsored posts on social media.

This sponsored material might be in the form of an Instagram story, a Facebook post, or a YouTube video.

6. Webinars on Social Media Platforms

Some social media influencers have earned a reputation as subject matter experts.

This is particularly true with LinkedIn influencers.

Their followers are frequently prepared to pay for these influencers’ advice.

Social media influencers may entice their fans to pay for access to content in an engaging tutorial by hosting webinars or online seminars.

Influencers may make money not just by organizing a live webinar, but their followers can also pay to access the information later via a social media platform, blog, or other website.

7. Becoming a Brand Ambassador

As brand ambassadors, a lot of influencers make money.

Rather than merely promoting a business through a single sponsored post, the influencer will promote the company’s products and services on a frequent basis to raise overall brand awareness.

For example, a business may pay a social media influencer to post about the brand on a regular basis for 6-12 months.

8. Selling Digital Products

A social media influencer’s ability to make money by marketing digital items isn’t limited to posting webinars on social media.

E-books and online lessons can be marketed on a blog, another website, or a social media platform over time.

These digital items will be purchased by followers who want to learn more about the influencer’s skills, and the purchases will add up over time.

9. Creating Product Lines

Many influencers have built up large enough audiences to sell their own products.

Making money as a social media influencer by creating product lines is becoming increasingly popular.

A fashion blogger, for example, might build their own clothing brand by creating their own items or working with a designer to co-create product lines.

Other social media influencers use platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to promote a range of personal-branded items.

10. Website Advertising

Similarly to how bloggers have profited from advertisements on their blogs for decades, social media influencers with substantial traffic to their platforms may profit handsomely from advertising payments.

Bloggers and influencers are paid in certain situations depending on visitor clicks, while in others they are compensated whenever an advertising displays on a follower’s screen.

11. Traditional Advertising

Just because an influencer got their start on social media doesn’t imply their reach is restricted to that platform.

Because many social media influencers have more than one million followers, they are increasingly teaming with major corporations to promote items to even larger audiences.

Influencers with the highest followings may be included in television ads or on outdoor advertising such as billboards.

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