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You’ll need to know how to check your airtime and data balances once you’ve signed up with one or more of South Africa’s mobile providers, such as Vodacom, Telkom, MTN, and Cell C.

We’ll show you how to check your balance on various networks in this article.

How To Check MTN Balance

Dial *136# for a summary of your MTN balance.

Dial *136*1# to see your whole MTN balance, including airtime and data.

The MTN app for Android and Apple smartphones also allows you to monitor your comprehensive airtime and data balances.

You will not be charged for using the app because it is zero-rated.

How To Check Cell C Balance

You may check your airtime and data balances by dialing the USSD code *101# if you’re a Cell C subscriber.

You may also phone *147# and select option 2 from the menu.

You may also text “bal” or “balance” to 14302 or call 136 and choose option 0 for “Balance Enquiry.”

You may also call 135 and choose option 9 to talk with a Cell C representative.

Your balances may also be viewed by dialing 135 and selecting option 1 for “Manage” and then option 1 for “View Remaining Balance and Usage.”

Logging onto Cell C self-service at is another alternative.

If you haven’t already done so, follow this link to register.

How To Check Telkom Balance

Simply dial the USSD number *188# on your phone to check your Telkom Mobile airtime and data levels.

Remember that your Telkom SIM card must be installed and active in your phone.

Alternatively, you may download the Telkom app from Google Play or the App Store for Android or Apple smartphones.

To do actions like checking your balance, you’ll need to establish an account and log in.

The third option is to register on Telkom’s website, create an account, and then log in.

From the dashboard, you can manage your account balances.

How To Check Vodacom Balance

Dial *136# to check a summary of your Vodacom balance.

Dial *135# and select option 1 for a more detailed balance, including data and SMS balances.

Logging into your My Vodacom account on the internet is another alternative.

The “My Account Summary” tab will show you your current balances.

The third alternative is to download the My Vodacom App from the Google Play Store or the App Store for Apple.

After you’ve downloaded the app, remember to log in or establish an account if you haven’t already.

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