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We have compiled an important information for convenience on top 5 most valuable coins in South Africa that you must have.

Most Valuable Coins in South Africa Updated in August 2022

VeldPond (1902)
Mandela 90th Birthday Coin (2008)
2018 Mandela’s 100th Birthday R5 Coin
Mandela Inauguration Coin (1994)
1893-1894 Kruger Half Ponds
1898 Single 9 Pond
Kruger Double Nine Ponds (1899)
1874 Burgers Pond Coarse Beard
Sammy Marks Tickey (1898)
1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard

Coins often have a low face value and are thus unsuitable for investment, however this is not necessarily the case with rare South African coins.

They are a gemstone with a low price tag, in addition to its initial value.

As a result, when searching through your valuables and wealth, it’s vital not to overlook this traditional method of trading.

See a list of the most valuable South African coins as a starting point.

Coins are usually priced according to their face value, which isn’t necessarily very high.

Rare South African coins can appreciate to the point that they might be considered attractive investment instruments.

These coins are what drive the most well-known coin collections and attract attention at auction because of the high prices they fetch.

A coin’s value might soar due to a number of factors.

The coin’s rarity, the material from which it was made, the coin’s purpose or what it is associated with, and, finally, the coin’s condition at the time of sale are the most important.

The rarity of a coin, like that of any other commodity, makes it unique and increases demand.

Collectors want it to round out their collections, while investors want it for its long-term value appreciation potential.

1893-1894 Kruger Half Ponds

The most unusual of the half ponds is the 1893 Half Pond.

The mintage is unknown, however it is thought to be included in the 10,150 coins issued in 1892.

Falsifications do not appear to be a concern.

Always double-check that the 1893 isn’t a reworked 1895.

Some of the coins are ex-mounts.

Many Half Ponds have been turned into cufflinks, so look for markings in the centre.

It is preferable to get a verified coin.

I once met a “collector” who claimed to have a half-pond from 1893 turned into jewelry.

Later, the Jeweler called to tell him that when he used the torch on the coin, it cracked in half.

Mandela Inauguration Coin (1994)

The complete line of Mandela Coins is now surrounded by a lot of buzz.

For us South Africans, these coins hold a lot of sentimental significance since they memorialize our beloved late president Nelson Mandela.

In addition, if they are in good shape, they are frequently worth more than their face value.

If the 1994 Presidential Inauguration R5 Coin has an MS65 Grading or comparable, it is worth R450.00.

If the coin is uncirculated and not graded, it is worth around R50.00.

To preserve the value of these coins, they must be preserved in a capsule.

Five Rand 2018 Nelson Mandela Centenary

The Rand was first used in the then-Union of South Africa on February 14, 1961, just before the Republic was established on May 31, 1961.

At the time, the largest circulating currency was fifty cents; new coins eventually replaced banknotes, and the greatest circulating value is today five Rand (abbreviated as R5).

With a brass center and a copper-nickel outer ring, the Five Rand coin is bimetallic.

A “security groove” runs around the edge of the coin, with the letters SARB R5 repeated 10 times.

This piece is part of the 2018 Celebrating South Africa coin series, which honors anniversaries and symbols of the country’s democracy, freedom, and culture.

The first coin series in this topic was the 2017 OR Tambo Centenary series, which commemorated Nelson Mandela’s birth 100 years ago.

The 2018 series of coins, of which this circulation commemorative Five Rand coin is a part, reflect on the pivotal moments in Mandela’s life, as well as his fight for justice, human rights, and a free and democratic South Africa.

In the 2018 Protea coin series, there are also Nelson Mandela coins.

Mandela 90th Birthday Coin (2008)

The enthusiasm surrounding the commemoration of a South African liberation fighter and the country’s first black president brought these coins to light.

They’ve been travelling about since their release on the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela.

There were 22 million R5 Mandela coins made in all.

The value of these limited edition coins has climbed by the day in recent years.

What are the most valued South African R5 coins?

The commemorative R5 coins produced in 2008 are the most precious.

According to the Bid or Buy listing, these South African coins are worth R150,000.

Ungraded scrap metal that hasn’t been circulated, on the other hand, is worth about R1,000.

VeldPond (1902)

The 1902 Veldpond must have the most romantic history, and it is frequently regarded to as the ZAR’s most romantic currency.

By the end of 1901, British troops had progressed far enough to rule the majority of the Republics, and the battle for the Boers, who were now on the losing side, was becoming increasingly uneven.

The Z.A.R. administration had already deployed armies and had been cut off from all resources.

Money became scarcer by the day, and all resources were gone in no time.

The Boer army desperately needed money to buy supplies from the black tribes.

The government’s paper money was too high for the black community.

1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard

The 1874 Fine and Coarse Beard Burgers Pond coins were the first South African coins made but never circulated.

The coins became known as the “Burgers Pond” and are part of South Africa’s rarest and most sought after currency. They were minted from gold mined in the Transvaal.

On auction, the 1874 Fine Beard Pond coin might cost anywhere between R106,000 and R235,000.

In 2014, the Fine Beard sold for R2,2 million, the highest known price.

These coins are being advertised for R60,000 on several internet marketplaces.

Coarse Beard Pond, which was built in 1874, has sold for R622,000.

Some of the general thoughts on all coins regarding most valuable coins in South Africa that comes across your mind when you have some of these coins.

How Do I Know If My Coin Has Been Graded?

The practice of judging how well a coin has been kept is known as coin grading.

Grading is more concerned with the state of preservation of the coin than with its look.

The coin will be enclosed in an airtight plastic capsule that is tamper resistant and protects it from wear and devaluation until it has been graded.

Inside the capsule, the graded coin will have a grading certificate that provides crucial information about the currency.

If your coin is not wrapped in one of these capsules, it will not be graded.

If you believe your coin is in excellent condition, you should go to the following stage and get it graded.

How And Where Can I Get My Coin Graded?

The reputation of the coin grading firm is critical when getting your coin evaluated.

NGP (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) are two of the most reputable grading firms (Professional Coin Grading Service).

Now you need to be sure that the coin you’re grading is worth more than the grading service fee; otherwise, you’ll be losing money.

Take the time to go to these websites and inquire about the cost of the grading service by contacting them.

You must additionally factor in the cost of shipping to and from these companies, as they are both located abroad.

Where Can I Sell Valuable Coins in South Africa?

If you are confident in the value of your currency after reading this post, I strongly advise you to sell it. is one of the most popular coin-collecting websites in South Africa.

For many years, this site has been used by thousands of coin collectors and dealers to exchange coins.

You may also improve your chances of receiving a fair price by listing your currency on sites like GumTree and Facebook Marketplace.

Over and above, we believe that the above information will be valuable, for especially if you have one of most valuable coins in South Africa you want to sell.

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