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Subscription boxes in South Africa 2022 in August, the popularity of subscription boxes has grown.

They’re easy to use, and you get a few things for what seems to be a small fee.

A organization assembles a box of goods, such as a few items relevant to a particular food or business, and then delivers it to the subscriber.

You have the option of purchasing a single package or subscribing to receive the product on a monthly basis.

The majority of the subscription boxes in South Africa in this article are available, but I will list a few that are available globally.

It’s pretty cool to get a monthly box of treats tailored just for you.

Others promise discounts, while others promise comfort, while still others promise to introduce you to goods and brands you’ve never heard of.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the best subscription box options in South Africa.

We’ll tell you what goes into them, how to tell if one is right for you, and how they compare in terms of value for money.

This post with UAnswer will go through a few subscription boxes in South Africa that are either well-known or not so well-known.

What are the best monthly box subscriptions?

Below, below is a summary subscription boxes in South Africa 2021

  1. Guy box
  2. Humble bundle
  3. Lingerie letters
  4. Loot crate
  5. Malina
  6. Man crate
  7. My chocolate box
  8. My pet box
  9. Nerd Nab
  10. Novel book box
  11. Palette box – NGF
  12. Poppet post
  13. Proper snacks
  14. Rubybox
  15. Secret tackle box
  16. Sweetie box
  17. Tealyst
  18. The fur box
  19. The gin box
  20. The little black bag
  21. The b case
  22. The box fashion
  23. The luxe box
  24. The ooh box
  25. Treat cottage
  26. Tuckbox
  27. Tuckles
  28. Unicorn fitness box
  29. Vitiebox
  30. Wackybox
  31. Wellbox
  32. Whiskey mystery box
  33. Wine of the month
  34. Woken vegan box
  35. African beauty box
  36. Bean box club
  37. Beauty squad SA
  38. Book owl
  39. Boxie

Let us look at detailed subscription boxes in South Africa.

For lovers, subscription boxes

The date box

When it comes to date night, think beyond the box with a box of suggestions – get away from the normal meal at a restaurant.
Every month, go on a date that is enjoyable, caring, and entertaining.

The date factory

Again, you forgot or run out of time to schedule a date night?
Do you need a quick and enjoyable solution to this problem?
The date factory will deliver to your door a perfectly arranged date in a package.

Subscription boxes for a smorgasbord of products

Treat cottage – No longer in operation

Treat Cottage is a relatively recent subscription box in South Africa.

They specialize in gift hampers for individual recipients: The Senior Treatbox is for the aged, The Student Rat Pack is for students, and The All Treatbox is for everyone else.

Reading and parenting subscription packs

Book owl – Site no longer in operation

With The Book Owl, a kids’ book delivery pack, you will help them enjoy the love of reading.

Your themed package will cost less than buying the books separately in stores, and it will have two illustrated children’s books, an experience based on one of the books, and a personalized letter from The Book Owl to get your child excited about reading.

Poppet post

Every other month, surprise your child with a package of fun, educational toys, books, and activities customized to his or her age.

Charlies box

Charley’s Boxes is a place where you can have a good time when getting the essentials for your son.
Charley has hand-picked items from all over the world to meet your baby’s educational, developmental, and fashion needs.

The book case

The Book Case is a monthly book package of awesomeness that contains a hotly awaited, newly published novel as well as 3-5 special bookish pieces all tied together by an epic pre-released theme!

Novel book box

Novel is a monthly book box delivery service that gives you a surprise box of hand-selected top novels from today’s bestsellers, all beautifully packaged and ready to read.

As a monthly self-care reward or as a gift, their book boxes are fantastic.
Readers may choose for a one-time book box or a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription book box.

Wacky box

For your kids, a fun-filled activity delivery package

Animal subscription packs


Boxie has a variety of subscriptions for cats and dogs that appeal to small, medium, and big dog breed types.

The fur box

Each month, the fur box will deliver a surprise for your fuzzy pal, as they handpick secret treats and fun-filled toys for your spoiled pet and deliver them to you and your eager companion.

My pet box

My pet package goes to great lengths to bring together a high-quality box of goodies for your dogs and still donating a part of the proceeds to charities.

Tech subscription boxes

Geek Crate – Service currently suspended

When it came to comic or computer or gaming-related products, Geek Crate seemed to be the most common subscription box in South Africa.

Humble Bundle

This is also another well-known gaming brand, they sell games for a good cause at a fair price.

Loot Crate

When it comes to Geek delivery boxes, Loot Crate is a household name around the world.

Nerd Nab – Site no longer in operation

Get a regular subscription box full of gamer and geek culture treats, including T-shirts, gaming merch, and comic books.

Treats and snack subscription boxes

Daily dish

Every week, Daily Dish sends out a variety of dinner and wine sets.


Malina is a monthly delivery box for ladies, where you can get all of your treats and feminine grooming products shipped to your door in a discreet envelope.

Proper snacks – Site no longer in operation

A subscription to Proper Snacks includes one or more nutritious food baskets.

My chocolate box

All chocoholics, this is your chance to get your sweet tooth fulfilled once a month.

My Chocolate Box will hand-select a range of the finest chocolates and bring them to your house.

Visit their website


Tuckbox could be the perfect solution for you if you like nutritious snacks.

Each package includes a variety of 10 portion-controlled snacks that are individually wrapped.

Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, baked goods, and savory snacks are all included in the package.


Snacking has never been easier than it is now, thanks to Tuckles’ regular delivery boxes.

Join to have tasty and automated snack foods shipped to your door every month for free.

The luxe box

The Luxe box is all about luxury, including bespoke gifting services to subscribers.

The sweetie box

If you want a box of candy delivered to your house once a month? Take a look at Sweetie Package right now.

Health and wellness subscription packs

Unicorn fitness box

Subscriptions to their monthly subscription include items in the areas of clothes, diet, equipment, recovery, and education, helping you to keep on track to healthier health and fitness.

Vitie box

The first-ever vitamin delivery package in South Africa, shipped at your door every month.

VitieBox takes the hassle out of healthy living by ensuring that you get the Nutrient Reference Values that your body needs and craves at a reasonable price.

Well box

House of Health offers a fitness product and supplement delivery package called Wellbox.

Your subscription fee entitles you to a full range of 100% safe and approved ingredients and vitamins, all at factory cost.

Woken vegan box

Woken Vegan Package provides a variety of vegan items available in South Africa, with a box to fit any need and budget.

Coffee and tea subscription packs

Bean box club

The Bean Box Club is the most convenient way to taste the finest coffee in South Africa any month of the year.

With delivery to your home or workplace, you’ll learn about the best locally roasted specialty coffees.


Tealyst is the ideal place to start learning about a vast range of beautifully chosen teas from around the world.
In South Africa, you can find high-quality tea.

Drinkers’ subscription packs

The gin box

The Gin Box is the country’s first gin delivery service.

Every month, get exclusive artisan gin and more shipped right to your house.

The Ooh! box

The Ooh! package delivers a hand-picked box of decadent sweets to your door every month.

Palette Norman Goodfellows

Our Whisky Mystery Box is a monthly delivery of 1-3 bottles of whisky to your house.

Bottle Shop – Whiskey mystery box

The Whisky Mystery Box from Bottle Shops is a monthly delivery of 1-3 bottles of whisky.

Fashion subscription boxes

African beauty box

The African Beauty Box is a fashion store and subscription box service headquartered in Cape Town.

This is the perfect service for those who love fashion and African influenced clothes and accessories that are all locally sourced and made.

If you sign up for their monthly delivery kit, you’ll get a minimum of 5 cosmetics and sample beauty items.

Men’s box subscriptions

Gentleman’s ideas

Pamper yourself or the special gentleman in your life with monthly delivery bundles of men’s personal care and fashion.

Guy box – Site no longer in operation

Body Wash, Shampoo, Deodorant or Antiperspirant Spray, and Toothpaste are included in the Man Box subscription box, which is perfect for the person who forgets to buy his toiletries.

Man cate

This is not your average delivery box; it comes in a crate, making unboxing fun and giving you a variety of things to pick from when choosing your crate.

The secret tackle box

The most popular fishing tackle delivery service in South Africa.

Subscription boxes for women

Beauty squad SA

Every month, you’ll get a makeup package containing at least 5 brands.

Your kit will include lipstick, skincare, styling products, perfumes, and makeup accessories, among other items.

Lingerie letters

Since 2013, South Africa’s favorite underwear subscription box has been planned and handmade with love in Cape Town.


Rubybox allows you to sign up for beauty and skincare items to try out and research.

The box fashion

Inspires ordinary South African women to be more strong.

The Package Fashion is the first and only local accessories membership program that delivers the newest fashion pieces as well as style tips to your doorstep in a box.

The little black bag

The Little Black Bag is South Africa’s first online subscription lifestyle service.

This monthly themed bag is jam-packed with the newest, best, must-have items from the worlds of fashion, makeup, home décor, cooking, exercise, and so much more.

Each bag contains full-size pieces hand-picked by our design team to bring you the best of the best.

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